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If the console freezes occasionally, the error will not necessarily follow.The technical problems seem to affect some generations of consoles more than others, e.g. Those problems may also cause some freezing screens.Therefore, any information available to the public has come only from third party analyses.Electronics industry newspaper EE Times reported that the problems may have started in the graphics chip.

Game publisher Electronic Arts details a specific program for this problem which requires the disc and original receipt, also the game must be purchased within 90 days of the request for a replacement disc, or will request a replacement charge of or .

A second source cited that, at one time, there was just a 32% yield of one of the test production runs. On August 28, 2009, Square Trade published a report saying that "early indications point to the RROD problem abating in 2009", projecting that 1-year failure rates with the release of the Jasper chipsets might be below 4%, with actual fail rates for RROD problems at slightly above 1% in Q109, and total failure rates for all hardware problems at about 12%.

68 of every 100 test units were found to be defective. In June 2010 Microsoft released a new "slimmer" Xbox 360.

However, the Xbox 360 S and Xbox 360 E ships with a sticker informing users that moving the console while powered on poses risks, effectively removing responsibility from Microsoft.

Halo 3 Limited Edition was replaced at no cost until February 1, 2008 according to the Xbox Disc Replacement Program's main site.

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