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Note: Occurrences of (Mpli) and pli are substituted internally with the corresponding abbreviated trunk name of the selected primary line.

Like a PHONE port, a LINE port has a basic UI (User Interface) for I/O (Input / Output) of signalling or control messages: The OBi LINE port supports the following inputs: DTMF, Polarity, CPC, Caller ID, Ring, Tone The OBi LINE port supports the following outputs: DTMF/Tone, On Hook, Off Hook, Hook Flash* The OBi LINE port will assume a call is Connected on the following conditions: End of dialing for outbound calls Off-hook for inbound calls The OBi LINE port will assume a call is Disconnected on the following conditions: Power Down, CPC, Long Silence, or Disconnect Tone Note: The OBi2 Series models have a USB port that can be attached to an external USB storage device, such as a USB flash drive or USB hard disk drive.

As such, references in this document that describe configuration or behavior of the LINE port or Li interface apply to the OBi110 or devices with an OBi LINE USB to FXO adapter attached.

You may connect an OBi LINE USB to FXO adapter to the USB Port of the OBi device to provide an extra Line port.

no answer or busy, then the OBi PHONE port can go to an On Hook state and will ring as the holding call is still on the line, or simply Hook-Flash to resume the first call.

The OBi PHONE port can select from the following services to which it can complete a call: SP1 Service (SP1), SP2 Service (SP2), SP3 Service (SP3), SP4 Service (SP4), OBi Blue Tooth 1 Service (BT1), OBi Blue Tooth 2 Service (BT2), OBi TALK Service (PP1), and PSTN Line (LI1).

She is the author of Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to stay relevant in the post-Gates era (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).is the heading of the parameter group on the left side panel of the device configuration web page and may contain spaces.When a group heading has more than one level, each level is separated with a -, such as Services Providers - ITSP Profile A SIP:: For OBi models that have a USB Port, an OBi LINE USB to FXO adapter accessory may be attached to provide an additional LINE port.The OBi TALK portal is also where members can download the OBi ON applications for the i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch & Android devices, respectively.Use of any power adaptor other than what was provided with the OBi will void the warranty and may cause the unit to not function at all or cause undesired operation.

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