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His victim — whom he persuaded into exposing herself online — was just nine. The girl’s video was seen by almost 300 users, including ten other paedophiles who police are still trying to trace.

But Friend, who received a four-year sentence, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Take Dan Middleton, for example, a former Tesco worker from Aldershot who yesterday was named by Forbes magazine as the world’s richest You Tuber.

Only instead of discussing the weather with your aunt in Australia, you’re talking to strangers, sharing random thoughts and observations with any number of anonymous users who respond via typed messages, emojis and other symbols.

Bizarre as it may sound, to today’s generation of pre-teens and teenagers this represents perfectly normal social interaction.

For many people, live streaming may seem like a rather strange thing to do with your spare time.

But if you have ever used video phonecall software such as Skype or Face Time, you will be familiar with the concept.

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They consume this kind of online video content much like we used to consume pop music as youngsters: obsessively and to the frustration of their parents and teachers.

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