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After dinner on the second date, I went over his house, where we shared bongloads and kindled a friendship. A match on Tinder with a guy five years my junior revealed a profile that read he’s into motorcycles and photography.His photos depicted him sporting a long, tailored beard while sitting in a hot rod.Colorado and Washington paved the way, and as more adult use legislation passes across the country, cannabis-friendly dating may not be as needed.It is nice, however, to have a place where like-minds collide and the question shifts from “Do you smoke cannabis?

I matched with a man the same age as me who mentioned 420 in his profile: “surf, skate, snow, outdoors lifestyle but I am responsible and have my shit together! Coffee 420 rarely drink.” It turns out he is a daily smoker, super fit, and very nice.Its pitch is “High There connects cannabis users and enthusiasts with each other by sharing meaningful conversations and experiences without stigma.” This one is the most fun of all the cannabis-friendly dating apps.However, the design aesthetic is bad 90s use of cheesy artsy retro style, which is probably aimed at millennials.We talked about the bar scene more and I could tell he’s only a social smoker.He never suggested wanting to get high with me, although he did want to go out for drinks.

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It could use a cleaner, modern look, especially since cannabis subculture is changing with legalization.

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  1. You’re better off trying your luck at a local bar, or just quitting the game altogether and signing up for Seamless and Netflix, because what’s better than ordering takeout and binge-watching “Stranger Things”?