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This story involves man to man sex with bondage, discipline and forced fem involved. I'm not very hairy except on legs with just a little hair on chest and a smooth ass. I work out at the gym three days a week mainly trying to stay firm, not really into building up a lot of muscle.I feel foolish just standing there like that and put my hands back down to my side. "You are on time boy, that is good, follow me," his voice deep and commanding. Looking him over as we walk, his profile didn't lie. "Go to the bar and get us a couple beers boy," he tells me. Damn, this man isn't lying when he says he likes to be in charge. "Yes Sir, I want you to tell me what to do," I say my voice weak and unsure.

I also explained that it was just a fantasy and I didn't know if I could do it for real.

As long as I was with my girl, I really only messed around online occasionally.

Once we were separated, the time I spent online increased significantly.

He must really expect people to do what he says I remember thinking. I remember being so nervous, felt like I was on my first date, and a blind date to boot. I take a couple more hits and a joint for the road and hit the door.

I looked at his profile again and his stats matched the kind of man I always fantasized about. I remember driving there, almost turning around a couple times but didn't want to wimp out. I pulled up to the bar, sitting in my car almost in a panic.

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