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Pepa kisses Silvia softly before she grabs the blade and starts cutting into her.

Meanwhile there is still more shooting going on between the wedding guests and the Mafia.

He is told that that is never going to work, because it is the Mafia after all. Don Lorenzo grabs hold of her and tells her to pull it together.

They decide to go outside and shoot everything that moves. They talk about how neither of them can imagine a life without Silvia. Pepa says she can’t deal with this, doesn’t want to deal with seeing the person she loves more than anything lying there bleeding to death. She starts advising her dad bout how to use the razor to cut her open.

The happy wedding euphoria seems to be forgotten as everyone’s too preoccupied with all the other romantic involvements that are going on. Everyone looks around to see what has happened, and it turns out that Silvia has been shot in her stomach. That’s when bullets start flying all around and everyone ducks to the ground for cover.

Everyone wonders what is taking Sara, Lucas and Aitor so long. Saying there is a lot of gun fire is an understatement. Good thing Lucas got Pepa a gun as she can really use one right now.

: This recap is no fun, light reading for several reasons. The episode pretty much picks up where they left things last episode, right at Pepa and Silvia’s wedding ceremony. Have a good look at these screencaps of Pepa and Silvia being all happy and in love, as you might need it to get through the rest of this recap.

There’s suspense music playing indicating that something bad is about to go down, as we watch more and more Mafia guys approaching the place of the wedding ceremony.

Don Lorenzo does and says he was the first to see them kissing together all those years ago during Silvia’s communion.

Luckily, happiness is allowed to continue for just a little while longer.

Silvia throws her bouquet into the crowd and Rita catches it, while Pepa’s flowers are caught by Mariano.

Silvia being a doctor is advising them how to best deal with her injuries.

She tells Pepa to find some scissors so they can cut open her wedding dress.

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