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Ace is an embeddable code editor written in Java Script.

Probably, language mode creation will never be able to be fully autogenerated.

There's a list of non-determinable items; for example: file for you language.

Take charge of your editor and add your favorite language highlighting and keybindings!

tag, while Ace is the editor component of Cloud9 IDE and uses the DOM for rendering.

For the complete list of tokens, see var colors = lang.array To Map( ("aqua|black|blue|fuchsia|gray|green|lime|maroon|navy|olive|orange|" "purple|red|silver|teal|white|yellow").split("|") ); var fonts = lang.array To Map( ("arial|century|comic|courier|garamond|georgia|helvetica|impact|lucida|" "symbol|system|tahoma|times|trebuchet|utopia|verdana|webdings|sans-serif|" "serif|monospace").split("|") ); ...

is an Array (of the same length as the number of groups), whereby matches are given the token of the same alignment as in the match.

We could choose to make this any other language set we want, if our new language requires previously defined syntaxes.

For more information on extending languages, see "extending Highlighters" below.

The Ace highlighting system is heavily inspired by the Text Mate language grammar.

Suppose you're working on a Lua Page, PHP embedded in HTML, or a Django template.

You'll need to create a syntax highlighter that takes all the rules from the original language (Lua, PHP, or Python) and extends it with some additional identifiers ( method does one thing, and it does one thing well: it adds new rules to an existing rule set, and prefixes any state with a given tag.

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